There is a tradition every Wednesday in Boisbuchet…

Beside the wood workshop where the participants

Wednesday in Boisbuchet is a special day. It’s Porky’s day. Long ago, the owner of Boisbuchet decided to transform what used to be a small pig farm into a night club for the participants. Some genius had to idea to call it Porky’s. The tradition had been going on for years. On Wednesday lunch, the participants right down some themes for the party such as Kangaroo, baseball or Kazakhstan. With luck, the designers have enough inspiration not to go for some clichés like Hawaii or the 80’s. Then, a jury (Boisbuchet’s staff members) select the 5 best subjects and even merge them, always adding the magic word : sexy. For example : sexy Kazakhstani kangaroo playing baseball. On coffee break, the participants vote for the final theme. It also happens that the themes get mixed for a second time, creating crazy melting pots of words such as : sexy mermaid Kangaroo in Irak.

It’s a whole creative process to come up with a different porky’s theme every week. The results are equally creative.

The storage room is located in the same farm building that host the Porky’s parties. In this room (which is a mess) you can find anything from old Kvadrat textiles to broken IKEA lamps. The participants have from 7PM (end of the workshop) to 8PM (diner time) to design and create a costume that the will wear during the meal AND the entire evening.

Here are some archives of these legendary Wednesdays.

First week : Vegy boys and Candy girls (I was a Broccoli)

DSC00541 vegyboys candygirls boisbuchet 2013

Second week : Amish super-hero  (Micher’Traxler were the Amish air force 😉


Third week : Sexy Mud hat monsters (I found some green clay close to the lake… great for the skin)


Fourth week : Tim Burton’s tutu carnival. The workshop guys, Carlos and Jonathan were dressed as vintage Umpa Lumpas


Fifth week : Sexy Flower Power Astronaut ( I was a Rastanaut)


Sixth week : Finding Sexy Waldo in Wonderland (Daniel Freitag and Marteen Baas were simply amazing)


Seventh week : Sexy Spice (Spicy) Girls (I had to shave my moustache)


Eight week : Sexy old lady (man) teatime. (3D printed costume!)


Ninth week : Sexy space-boy unicorn (I’m very proud of my 3D printed horn and rocket). I even painted my leather booths silver for the occasion



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